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Source of the batteries(2) and charger was ebay, seller wqtallup. Came in a Hong Kong package.

As far as I can tell the camera contacts appear fine looking down the battery compartment in the camera. The center contact appears aligned properly and the 8000's appear to fit in there correctly...

My digital voltmeter does not have a battery tester/load option. But I did put the leads on and selected the 2000mA range on the multimeter. The display immediately went to 16 then over a period of 30 seconds or so went down to 0.
The next range selection is 200mA but it maxed that out (i.e. "1. ").
This means these batteries are useless, eh?
Any other definitive tests I could do? I probably will run down the street and pick up a Kodak brand 8000 and verify the camera works. I expect it will.

Oh well, $28 for 2 batts and charger was probably "to good to be true".

Thanks for the help! Love the forum (and the camera).

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