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My brother has both a D70 and D200 and he often charges his batteries for both in the other chargers. The D200 battery is an EN-EL3e and uses an MH-18a charger. The D70, I think, is an EN-EL3 and uses an MH-18 charger (I might be wrong but I think that is correct).. The only difference is the EN-EL3e and the MH-18a have the extra contact for the overcharging circuit. Other than that, they are identical in construction. Maybe the output might vary a bit but, I doubt very much that putting it in the wrong charger will actually harm it. I have charged one of my D80 batteries (EN-EL3e) inmy brothersMH-18 charger accidentally and it works fine, although I did not charge it fully at the time...

Nikon lists the MH-18a charger as a D70 optional quick charger...
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