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ahill876 wrote:
This second one seems to follow the rules a bit more, like how the brain reads (and prefers) things from upper left to lower right. With this direction, the picture is in focus on the left and reads out of focus to the right. But when I look at it in this view the millipede seems too close to the edge on the left compared to the other picture, even though they are exactly the same

what do you think?
Thats because it is conventional to picture animals with their heads facing left on the page, and that is how you are used to seeing them. In the second picture the tail is interpreted as being the head, which should have more room in the direction ofpresumed movement.

I think it's a millipede, or is it a centipede?
And Centipedes have one pair of legs per segment,while millipedes have two. But I thinkyou already know that.
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