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Originally Posted by Tazman2
But you can always shrink the pic size when you know your going on a vacation and thus can take more pics. I like having the option of more megapixels just incase but it doesn't mean you have to use it.
Just in case of what? What do you need more megapixels for? 2.0 megapixels produces a sharp 8x10, especially when you have the wonderful stabilized 12x optical lens, so you won't need to do any post process "zooming" (cropping). That's pretty much the only reason for anything over 2.0 megapixels -- the typical lousey optical zooms (usually 3x). But with such a superb optical zoom lens, unless you want/need the additional manual functions, better movie mode, or just want to carry around a bigger camera, there's really no need to get an FZ10 over an FZ1. $200 more is not a lot to pay for those functions if you need them, but if you don't, that's a significant chunk of money that you can save and still get great pictures.

FYI, Panasonic probably will offer the firmware upgrade for the FZ1 in the US, which will give you most of the typical manual functions (unfortunately not manual focus). So that's something to think about when considering whether or not you would outgrow the automatic modes on the FZ1.
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