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I think I'll probably go with the Tamron with whatever camera I end up getting. For the price and quality of the Tamron lens you can't buy anything comparable in a camera name brand lens. I may wait till the after first of the year or so, unless something comes up on sale Thanksgiving weekend or during the holidays. I have my Sony f828 which is a very capable camera to tide me over till I get a DSLR. Speaking of your old SRT's reminded me of when I recently checked out the A100. There has been some comments critical of the noise of the A100's shutter so I paid particular attention tothat when I checked out the camera. I must say rather than a subtle clicking sound it was more like a clunk. I thought, I've heard that sound before! I didn't think the mechanical sounding clunk was of any particular concern. When I got home I went into the attic and dug out my old SRT 102, cocked the shutter and pressed the shutter button and to my amusement it sounded very similar to the A100. The more things change the more they stay the same.
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