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From an video perspective:

The big problem with the TX1 was high noise. But sensors improve as they revise manufacturing, so check with somebody that has an recent TX1 to see if the noise and low light has improved.


The Sanyo relies on noise reduction circuits, which I think are better when noise is low in the first place. The TX1, though I don't know, might have insufficient noise reduction.

Don't let anyone fool you with latest codec, highly compressed/small data-rate (more footage per Gigabyte) high data-rate matters. They say that H264, as used in latest Sanyo's, delivers up to 3 times the performance over mpeg2, which maybe is double that of the Jpeg based codec in the Canon. So, that would mean that the 36mb/s Canon footage is equivalent to 36mb/s / 3 / 2 = 6mb/s h264 codec, but I don't think the Sanyo h264 codec is so efficient, and highly compressed codecs like h264 have problems with complex movement, complex scenery, big movement, panning, and especially noise. You could then say that such an h264 codec needs up to 18mb/s to match it in most situations. If you look at footage you will see that Canon has richer detail than many of it's H264 and Mpeg4 rivals (through normal HDV video camera can beat it). It however has some error that causes ghosts from the previouse frame to turn up, see the camcorderinfo review for that.

Apart from the noise (and simplistic design (handling?) with low battery life) the TX1 otherwise, would be worth the buy. Test one in hand.

If you want an hybrid camera, maybe look at the new Kodaks, Digilife, keeps promising 60fps h264 camera. But if video Toshiba has k series gigashot with around 15mb/s h264 720p60 (I think the company that makes this codec chip might be ambarella, which maybe better). Samsung has one at $799, and somewhere around 12-14mb/s, I forget. I would recommend these over the hybrids, if they had real mega pixel still functions, but are only 1.3 mpixel.
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