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Sabine wrote:
That is a pretty nice buck in the avatar. I saw several of those recently.

Thanks for the comments!
My wife and Ihad a hair-raisingencounter with a couple of Pronghorns many years ago, on the approach to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado. Pronghorns had been extirpated from the valley and recently had been reintroduced in the Monument, which they promptly left. We came up on a pair of them along the road; they were up against a wire fence and bolted at the approach of our VW beetle - one dashed across just in front of the bumper, and the other leaped OVER the hood, just clearing the windshield as we looked up at its white belly! I had no idea they could jump like that. I still get a chill up my spine at the memory of it.
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