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Hi Don,

As another FZ user that got an E1, it does take a wee bit of time getting used to but once you start using it you'll notice that even now its cracker of a camera. I had thought I would never get a camera that did not have IS after having my FZ10 but you'd be amazed how slow the E1 can let you shoot - obviously good glass does help but its build, ergonomics and just that extra bit of weight really do help. I've been able to get 1/8s and slower handheld with the E1 +14-54ZD which I think is no mean feat and usually with the first shot. Here's a few examples all handheld:

1. F4 @ 1/15sec - ISO400. Printed very well at 8*10

2. F6.3 @ 1/3s ISO 200

3. F3.3 @ 1/3s ISO 400 @41mm (82mm 35 equivalent) - this one was taken at that speed by accident, and my first slow hand held shot.

4. [email protected] 1/5s ISO400 23mm ([email protected] FF equiv)

5. F4.5 @1/13s ISO400



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