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With what you plan to do with this camera is totally acceptable. Either camera will perform without a problem. However, to get exactly what you want, its all gonna depend on your lens you choose. Sports and fast action shots require some fast shutter speeds. If you want very crisp photographs "Frozen" of say a soccer game. Your gonna want a large f-stop (ie: 2.8 ). If you start to touch the f/5.6 area you will be fine on a nice sunny day. But its all depending on how important it is to make these images as frozen as possible.

On the other hand, with lenses, you pretty much always get what you pay for (Other then the 50mm f/1.8 from Canon thats always out of stock Only like $80 bucks). I would try out a Sigma EX lens or unless you got the money, shoot for a Canon L Series. They have a nice 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.

But if it was me, I guess I'd be cheap and do the following.

Buy a Canon 75-300mm USM IS Lens f/4.0-5.6
Use a faster ISO/Film Speed (Say 400) 10D does fine at this speed.
And if it had too much grain then my liking. I would use NeatImage.

Maybe that helped?
As Ive seen all over the place.

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