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Lin Evans
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Hi Barbara, John,

Thanks! It's interesting how deer approach crossing fences. There is a herd of around 20 which migrate back and forth across the highway between their browse and bedding area near the river and the grounds of the Villa Philmonte mansion where they frequently spend their evenings just hanging out and socializing.

Some reach the barbed wire fences which border the highway on either side and go between the barbed strands. Others always jump over. The large males with their racks almost always jump while the does are nearly evenly divided between jumpers and not. When they jump, they walk up to the fence and seemingly measure the height by sniffing at the top wire strand. Then they leap upward at about a 45 degree angle and clear the top wire by about 4 inches. They seem to not waste any additional energy by adding any additional "height" insurance.

Some of the ranchers have six and eight foot fences protecting their hay stacks, and the deer can actually clear the six foot fences with little trouble and sometimes with a run will get over the eight foot chain link, though they usually must be "let out" because they don't have sufficient running room inside and are caught "red handed" with "egg" (make that hay) on their faces :-)

I've followed this herd for several years and will return at Christmas to try and get some shots of the big bucks going over the fence. This little doe makes this jump about six times a day in each direction and on each side of the road for a total of about 24 jumps. She definitely has it down to a "science" and wastes little energy in the process.

Best regards,

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