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Did not specifically go birding today, but my wife and I did a trip to the Yarra Valley for lunch at one of the wineries, a regular occurrence as we are only half an hour from it. It so happened I was driving and had therefore limited myself to one glass of a very nice pinot noir so when this New Holland honey eater flitted past with a couple of friends I was OK to take a couple of shots. All shot wide open at or close to maximum zoom and significant crops as I did not have the Tcon with me.... I got an f5 on the last, just to see if it made much difference in what is supposed to be the lens' sweet spot. I will leave that to you to decide.

Like all honey eater they are constantly on the hop from flower to flower

managed to get one shot where it had finished on one flower and was eying off the next, the beak is perfectly adapted for feeding on flowers..

I kind like this one even though it is partially blocked

Hope you liked.
Rafael (eFZed30)
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