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Hi Don,

First of all Hello to all just joined in here. Will get me my usual avatar later and hopefully get some pics here soon.

I bought my first DSLR an E1 back in February and absolutely love it. Built the system upover the monthswith a grip, FS2 focus screen and the nice big eye cup that is available. I was using the 14-45 most of the time and also the 45-150 as well but last week I took the plunge and got me a 14-54. Hoping to test it a bit this week.

It is a great camera to learn on though as you say it is a big learning curve and for a few months I struggled. Found it hard to use a cam with no IS and the pictures seemed a bit flat. I persevered because the feel of the E1 is magnificent and I kept seeing cracking pictures onhere from people like HarjTT soI knew what it was capable of. Bit by bit I improved and am still learning and now I know my way around the E1 a bit better confidence is up and the results are getting better.

I have had some good results from jpeg because I wanted to learn how to dial in colour, white balance and other settings to learn because I wanted to get it right first time wherever possible. I am now planning to shoot in RAW and do a little PP in studio afterwards.

It is a fantastic camera to handle, very capable and very rugged. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and stick with it. Hard at first but bit by bit it unlocks its magic


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