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Hi Mitch - I read that article last week and cut it out. I was all excited to move forward with my huge boxes of 5x7's, but then I looked at your website. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence that you're a reputable firm (no offense). I would STRONGLY recommend you spend some $$$ on your website to give it a more clean/professional/modern look. For most people, their photos are the windows to their life and they want/need to feel confident in your company. It starts with a clean/professional looking website.

I would also recommend you spend some $$$ on SEO. I have experience in this area because I've taken my own company through the process and I would be happy to discuss it with you. Send me your email ([email protected]) and I will contact you directly. I don't sell SEO services, but I can advise you of some firms that do and the benefits.

Since you've taken the time to respond to my post and promote your service personally, I will go ahead and move forward with your service. But just know, that had you not responded to my post, I likely would not have moved forward based on "first impressions".

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