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TheTurk wrote:
so 60 fields is the same as 30 frames?

the 1280*720 at 60fps looks much better than the 1280*720 at 30fps so is it fields or frames?
1080i/60 = 60 fields (alternating odd and even lines of a full frame ) per second,and in theory (assuming it's implemented likestandard interlaced TV) not quiteequal to 30 frames per secondsince each fieldshould represent a different point in time (1/60 of a second). So it should (in theory) be more fluid. (More information than all HD-DVD and Blu-raymovies, since theyare all (so far) encoded 1080p/24).

The HD1000's 720p/60 = actual 60 (full) frames per second, not fields. So it'sdefinitely more fluid.
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