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A newbie to the forum here.
I have an Optio S original bought in 2003 in Japan.
We are both delighted with it's relative simplicity and compactness.
In 2004 I had problems with the shutter, but was lucky enough to cover it on holiday insurance. The A90 showed up on the screen as I recall.
In 2006 the dreaded A90 showed up again and I remember trawling the net for help as it was going to cost me money this time. It was fixed, not cheaply, and I was informed that a new 'board' had been put in.
Now it has happened again and I'm trawling like before.
Hopefully I shall be able to find the file somewhere on this forum.
Could someone post the link on this thread, it would be much appreciated.
Powering up with the menu button pressed shows as Version 1.0
We have other cameras but are missing the wee one!
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