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OK, after doing a lot of reading and handling both the K10D and the K100D Super, I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on the K100D Super.

The reasons I'm leaning in favor of the K100D are:
- Seems to fit my hands better. My hands are not all that large and I quit growing a long time ago.

- K10D is quite heavy. I imagine this is something I could/would get used to, but when comparing in the camera store, it just seemed a bit hulky.

- Lower noise of K100D at high ISO. This is one of the big reasons I'm moving up from the Panasonic FZ-30. This seems more important to IQ to me than megapixel count. Not that the K10D is really that bad or anything.

- Don't really need 10MP. Even though my FZ-30 had 8MP and the K100D is a step down, the difference in IQ by far makes up for the lower resolution. I may have to concentrate more on composition through the lens than by cropping afterwards, but that's probably a good thing.
If I can get quality 8x10 prints from 6MP, I'm good to go.

- Price. Although the price gap between the two is getting narrow, it's still a couple of hundred dollars I could put towards a better lens.

I almost ordered the K10D earlier tonight and stopped myself right before I jumped. After I calmed down I thought it through and came to the conclusion that the K10D is more camera than I need right now. I think I'll be more than happy with the K100D (especially compared to my Panasonic) and if later I find I need the extra features of the K10D, I'll save up and buy one of those, too! :-)

I know I've overthought this thing to death and just need to buy something and start taking some dang pictures!

Thanks to all here for advice. I expect I'll be needing more soon!
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