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Alan T wrote:
Torgny wrote:
bahadir wrote:
I loved seeing againa sight of the future, (if we are to have one!) :windmills
These are fantastic images, of a dynamic low imprint future. However, we have to do the mathematics. A giant windfarm is likely on the flat & boring but ecologically wonderfully rare & diverse northern part of the Isle of Lewis, in the Scottish Outer Hebrides, a place I love.

176 huge machines are proposed, taking over the whole interior of a large island. My son & I calculated, in aid of a study project of his, that 330 such machines would be necessary to generate the output of the UK's newest nuclear power station, which is rather old. The nuclear station generates all the time; the windfarm would be intermittent, and need other 'base load' sources as well. Storing the energyoffers a solution, but there are no fully developed means of doing it yet, on the appropriate (large) scale.

Argument rages over the giant power towers through the Cairngorms National Park, necessary to take the energy to where it's needed, hundreds of km away, losing a lot of it on the way.

There are hard choices ahead.

I am still, after months, at work on my own 'power' sequence of images, but it's a slow process. Don't wait up!
Alan, another great windmill picture. I have late habits so I´ll stay up until you post your power pictures:-)

I´ll come back to you when I have something to say or pictures to show. There are three nuclear power plants some 50 kilometers from my city.

The sun rises over them too

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