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db1975va wrote:
....Does Kodak lock you down to use only their Easyshare software? My old DX6440 was like that and I hated it. Just ended up using a card reader instead than their docking station.
I tried Easyshare for a few minutes and then rubbed it out quickly.

What's wrong with a card reader plus Windows Explorer, or Irfanview, or Paint Shop Pro, or numerous other image managers? You arrived at the right answer, in my opinion.

I've bought a load of tiny USB card readers looking like USB sticks, from a 'pound shop' for 1 ukpound each, as stocking fillers for friends & family, so they can show their digicam pictures straight away anywhere to anyone with a computer with a USB socket. That's real 'easy sharing'.

It also avoids getting your camera too close to nasty plugs & leads that can go wrong. The USB socket on my Z712 is the tiniest I've ever seen, and the connectors are obviously vulnerable to damage. One of my early annoyances was a silly red 'share' button on the camera which I kept pressing with my palm by accident, and which I shall never use.

I back up my original camera files from the card reader to a USB drive (or two) after every session, so I keep a complete copy of the whole card. I find I can put them back on the card if necessary.

Elsewhere I also copy the images to wherever I choose to put them, in a structure Ibuild & can modify by myself using basic Windows tools, without the intervention of any software hiding them away where it chooses in a structure of its choice.About every month I back up the images & any amendments to CD as well.

You can also copy the whole lot to any machine anywhere (in the world, arguably), with a simple copy, independent of anything but the operating systems.

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