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ray301 wrote:
IcelandFan wrote:
...I have simply stated that they are NOT broadcast quality...
To be fair to Caelum and Taynt3d... when i read this line from your original post, my immediate reaction was that you had unrealistic expectations.

I understand that's not the case, but from a reader's perspective it's like saying "my Honda Civic does not perform like a Mclaren F1". Since that statement is stating the obvious... so the only other possible reason why anyone would make such a comparison is because they were somehow expecting those to things to perform similarly in some way.
ray 301 - Sorry I missed your post - and thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I think subsequent posts have made it pretty clear that the horse is dead, buried and has gone to horse heaven by now.

But I'm an argumentative fellow:-)

There is one very plausible other option why someone would make a statement such as I did, which is in fact why I made it: Sanyo markets these two cams pretty aggressively as "true HD" cameras, and really hypes up the image quality if you haven't yet looked at their website. So I thought I'd simply point out that if you think you're going to get the same quality from either one that you see when you turn on the Discover channel in HD on your fancy HDTV, that isn't gonna happen.

That's a fact, and I'm personally fine with it. Part of what I see this forum doing - and what others on this forum have done for me, especially Caelum - is to bring a little clarity into what is still a pretty new and mightily confusing realm. So there weren't any nefarious undertones or unrealistic expectations. I was just trying to add my two cents.

By the way, I'm so annoyed!! I took my HD 1000 kayaking the other day and it stopped working after I rolled twice, even after I disassembled it and dried the parts in the microwave. :lol:

( That last part was a joke, guys!)
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