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funtasticguy wrote:
1) How long does the standard battery last (recording video)?

2) How much video can you record (duration wise) on a 8GB SD card in 720P?
1) I still haven'tdone myown tests, but the specsclaim 80 minutes continuous recording time (including zoom, etc. use) and190 minutes continuous playback time. I don't have any reason to doubt those numbers.I mentioned it lastsabout aday of shooting / normal usageif recording less than 30 minutes in total clips. It's beenover aweek on one charge taking clips and stillshere and there, most of the time leaving it in standby mode. If you want to shoot more or cover full daysyou'll needspare batteries (there is also DC-in on the camera, whichcould be used while on a tripod to cover a longcontinuousevent).

2) According to the manual youcan record 1h53m on an 8GB in HD-SHQ 720p mode(HD-HQ 720p would be 2h46m andstandard definition TV-SHQ would be 5h14m).
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