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Jeff Mirkin
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Default From 10D to D100?

I've been posting on the Canon board and was this close to deciding on the 10D. I just went to the photo store and I LOVED the way the D100 felt in my hand, MUCH better than the 10D. Now I'm not sure what to do.

Pro's for the D100: feel, lighter, auto-focus assist separate from the flash, less red-eye.

Pro's for the 10D: less noise?, Phil Askey says its 'the best', I like the menu dial and button system alot.

I don't want to HAVE TO post-process every picture, does either camera have an obviously better straight out of the camera image? I'm an experienced photograper, but definately an amateur, will I be able to see a quality difference in either camera?

Should I wait to see if newer versions of either camera will be coming out at the beginning of 2004?

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