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Thanks, Jim ... I appreciate the advice.

Just picked up my new Alpha 100 and am very happy with the performance ... it actually feels and acts like a "real" camera, which for $629 including a slow but adequate zoom and U.S. warranty, is fabulous.

(Only time will tell about reliability -- I work in consumer electronics and Sony QC and build quality has been miserable in most produdct categoies in recent years, I'm hoping the majority of the camera guts were assembled from the KM 5d parts bin.)

In any case, I am perplexed (and a bit horrified) by the wireless flash section of the owner's manual ... are you really limited to using only one off-camera flash even if you do shell out the big bucks for dedicated KM/Sony digital units? Or did they just forget to mention that you can control up to five or eight or whatever the number with the old 7 and 700 Minolta film cameras was?

Yes, I agree you can do much the same thing with traditional slaves from any maker, but through-the-lens metering and control of multiple off-camera flashes is a beautiful thing for those of us who've had the pleasure of using it.

In addition to shooting motorcycles professionally, I also used to shoot for some tattoo magazines ... the ability of the Minolta multi-wireless system to produce accurate (albiet bracketed) exposures of everything from a full backpiece shot from six feet and a detail shot from two feet without requiring any human exposure setting intervention was wonderful, particularly when dealing with twitchy amateur models.
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