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New user here. After all the reviews decided to buy the Brown HD700. Today Amazon is offering this for only $299. I don't think for this price you can get a better HD camcorder.

PS. Great site. thanks to all who contribute.
wow! they are really wanting to get rid of these.
now i need to figure out how to get re-imbursed $100.
i'll be keeping my hd700 now!
It turns out that all 3 colors are priced for $299.99. It took me a while to find the link for their"Customer Service" and get my refund. Here's how to do it:

1. On the front page, click on "Visit our Help Department"
2. On the right hand side, you'll see "Contact Us"and click alittle button with the words "Customer Service"
3. Find your order
4. Click on the "Phone" Tab
5. Enter your telephone number
6. Tell them about Amazon's "price guarantee"
7. They'll issue you a refund of $100.03

Thanks to the previous poster who mentioned this "price guarantee"

This is concerning as to WHY are they dropping the price on these so soon even if for only a short period.
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