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Jeff Mirkin
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Thanks Chrisr and Marokero your input is very helpful.

The Nikon feels way better in my hands and the spot metering is important to me. I like the 'wheel and button' menu system better on the Canon but that is not a primary reason not to get the Nikon. The Canon supposedly has less noise at lower ISO's, but is that something that we're really going to notice? People complain all of the time about the noise in the Minolta 7 series cameras. I can see it if I really look hard, but everyone raves about my pictures. The Canon 10d and Nikon D100 are 2 of the best cameras out there. Is an amateur like me really going to see a qualitative difference between images?

It wouldn't surprise me, however, if Nikon came out with an updated version early next year. Might it be so much better that I will be sorry if I don't wait?

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