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Originally Posted by JimC
I took a look at a review of your model, and it doesn't look like Kodak gives you any control over JPEG Compression. That may not be what it is. It's hard to say (the grass color could have actually looked this way). Is this the only photo you've got like this?

Kodak has been criticized for overly aggresive JPEG Compression in some of it's models (without giving the user any way to adjust it).

However, at normal print sizes (not magnified to 100% onscreen), you're probably not going to notice it. Also, the lighting conditions may have had something to do with it, too.
You do not have a small, medium, large option? I took a look at the EXIF data. I'm guessing it did something to reduce noise. It was a cloudy day and it used a shutter speed of 1/720 of a second.

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