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bahadir wrote:
I think you receiveda good deal of feedback above whichis asvaluable as gold : )

I too would suggest a shallow depth of field, about whichyou seem to have done just the opposite selecting an aperture of f/16!! I'd also suggest a sepia versionto evoke more of the nostalgic look you speak of...For me,a dramatic angle is like arranging a bunch of flowers: ))which willtake some further shots untill you find the right one!

Anyway, below is avery quick sketch, at least, to give an idea how a shallow DOF + sepia wouldlook.
Thanks for the sample..

Yes i've received lots of valuable feedback from al the kind people here at steves...

It's been really a pleasure to be involved in such an active, highly detailed but yet very constructive forum here on steves...

I've really been learning a lot from you guys here...

Once again thanks a lot...
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