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Default Next Model, G-?

Has anybuddy heard rumours of what might be next in the G- series . . . . I have an A-80 for pocket use on motorcycles & pushbike etc, & a G-2 for general use but would like some more zoom.

I've spent MUCH time wading thru reviews of all the longer zoom jobbies like the CP5700, S7000 & Minolta A1 etc, & have come to the (kinda obvious IMHO) conclusion that they all tend to trade-off optical quality for 'feature richness' as a sales lever!

I've finally decided that what I really want/need is just the next G-Series camera, which will hopefully come out with zoom in the (say) 7~10 range, mebbe with that x10 lens that Canon already make for Toshiba in the M700, that would be GREAT!!!
And this also means sticking with a basically familiar menu system in my next camera, the spare G-2 batt will likely fit, as also will my CF cards.

To my mind there are more than enough 'features' in the G-series antway, plus excellent optics, AF assist for good performance in poor light, optical viewfinders, & the flip around screen which I really enjoy in the A80 & G-2, so why go WITHOUT those features but WITH compromised optics in the 'pseudo SLR' digicams, yuk!

So, anybuddy heard any rumours on what's coming out after Xmas?

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