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The FZ10 is not a good camera for true digiscoping because of its large, fast lens and great zoom. You can use a 1.7x tele adapter and get impressive focal length, but to shoot through a telescope in an afocal mode, the CP4500 or one of the other Nikon CP series (CP950, 990, 995, etc.) with the 28mm filter thread is the best candidate.

Swarovski makes two types of 80mm telescope. The ST80/AT80 (straight and angle view) and the HD models which have very low or no chromatic aberration. The price differential is substantial, but the HD models are preferred if your budget will allow it.

Depending on where you live, you can usually get the ST-80HD model (or the AT-80HD) for around $1400 U.S. Dollars with the 20-60 zoom lens.

I prefer using either a William Optics DCL-28 (24mm) eyepiece or one of the excellent ScopeTronix eyepieces with my Swarovski. To use either you must also order the Swarovski adapter for 1.25" astro type eyepieces.

As an alternative, mirror type telescopes like the Celestron or Meade 90 (ETX-90) work very well for digiscoping. From an optical perspective they are the equal in every way to the much more expensive Swarovski, Pentax, Leica, Zeiss, Kowa, etc., but are not built in the same rugged way for hard field use.

Do a web search for Swarovski Optik and you will find dealers in most countries.

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