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This is wide open for comments and all welcolme

After the first of the year I plan to buy a digital rebel. I don't plan to get the offered zoom lens but opt for a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 normal lens. The reason behind this is this time of year I do a lot of indoor basketball shots without a flash. The extra f-stops will make a difference. I also plan to start out with two 256mb cards, most of the shots I will take will be on medium fine and if I read the specs right that will give me plenty of photosgraphs per card. I am wide open for a dedicated flash, the one I like from Canon goes for around $180. I know that is a lot but in some cases I need the power to get enough light (before you ask, fire scene preservation, taking pics inside after a fire need a lot of light). I am looking at a Sigma zoom lens, 70-300 I think. I have had real good luck with Sigma lenses in the past and the one thing I didn't see mentioned is a spare battery. I consider that a must.

Again any comments good or bad are more than welcome.
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