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A spare battery was down at the bottom. And I agree completely, they are a must.

An addition to not using the camera to download. You save some battery power but you risk damaging the CF card whenever you remove it and put it into the CF reader. Is the risk high? No, quite small. But it's still there. Personally, I use a reader not the camera. Also, if your computer supports USB2, get a USB2 reader. They are much, much faster than USB1.

A good camera bag. I wouldn't touch the really cheap bags because they won't sit well on your back/shoulder and they won't be as padded (for your comfort and your equipment's protection.) I recommend LowePro's bags, but Tamrac and Domke are fairly good too.

A comment about SanDisk. Their customer support has been shown to not be very good (based on problems posted to this site.) They hid the contact info on their web page and they are not very responsive. But the quality is good. Lexar has as good quality, is almost as fast and has had very good customer reports (again, based on posts from here.) So it's a tradeoff.

PS Elements is good enough. Most people won't want the hassle of using RAW. Yes the quality can be better (with work) but the hassle and size of raw is a drawback. And even with JPG, the quality of the picture will probably be much better than they are used to any ways.

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