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I received a Kodak EasyShare MD853 for my birthday. I've been using the FinePix 5000 for years, but I'm concerned that lately it has been eating batteries like crazy. I have been able to capture so many wonderful pix of my kids with my current camera, but it's a bit bulky to take with me everywhere.

I took some pics with theKodak I received, and maybe I'm being to hard on it, but I think it is grainy. The Fuji has really given me as a novice some great shots, and I'm not sure if the Kodak will do the same. My budget is under $300, but would prefer to spend closer to $175-$250.

I saw the FinePix F31fd rated well on PC World. Is that a nice compact? Any other tips? Maybe my Kodak is going to be just as good as others that are similar? Maybe I should just keep what I have?

I take most of my pictures indoor, and really like to see good flesh tones. Most shots are of my young kids too...they all move fast. I love the zoom to capture a moment, but quality is the best. I think the Fuji does have delay after I push the button, which although is an annoyance, I've been able to get used to. I'd rather not deal with it...but again, good shots finally is the highest priority.

Thanks for feedback anyone has! I do appreciate it.:-)
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