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No, not from Peru, but from the UK.I once had a fantastic adventure trekking across Peru.

The Canon S5 IS ticks nearly all of the boxes, but I'm still not happy with a couple of issues:

1) The wide angle is only an equivalent of 36mm. When you compare this to 28mm many other digicams offer, you're left wishing you could get a little closer when taking group shots and a little more of the picture when taking landscape scenes. And I really don't want to fork out $100 for the wide angle attachment, then have the bother of attaching/removing it on a regular basis. I would much rather lose a little off the telephoto end and gain it at wide angle.

2) The small sensor just doesn't cut the mustard. Check out the Canon S5 IS sample photos on the PhotographyBlog web site (click on Reviews, then scroll down to Canon Powershot S5 IS19th September 2007, or click here: Canon Powershot S5 IS). Examine a few of the 100% views. They've not been touched up, and some of them leave a lot to be desired. They look ok on my small laptop display, but on my 19" LCDscreen I see plenty of noise, chromatic abberation, and some of them aren't even in focus. Check out the one with two women sittingtogether. I'd be really disappointed if I had taken that.

I'm taking my family to Disney in six weeks, and I'd like to pick up a replacement for my old 4mp Minolta so I can get good pictures and record movie clips. I suspect I'll be better off buying a small compact to tide me over, then buying my ideal camera if/whenany of the majormanufacturers get their act together later this year. May be I'm out on a limb here. Perhaps their research suggests they've already nailed the perfect camera. Perhaps I should be willing to settle for "almost".
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