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I understand what you're saying, but I bought the D40x as a camera, not necessarilly as a DSLR. All the features on it peaked my interest and I started learning more about photography thanks to the D40x. Now that I've started learning more about all the different options out there and considering more of what I want to do with my photography I've started finding the D40x limited in a few ways. It's a great camera and I plan on passing it to the wife so she can start learning more about photography, but I'm leaning more towards something with an internal drive motor and top LCD for quick settings changes. I want to do some portrait work and some wildlife and action shooting. Yes the D40x would work for those in a limited capacity and I will be using it for a while longer as I'm currently in the desert, but I do want to upgrade either before I leave here or immediately when I get home. hence the reason for my asking now. Seeing how I'm getting a lot of static and little help I'll move on.
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