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Good news... no more issues with mine being to tight a fit. It must have just taken a few times of putting it in and taking out and now it glides pretty easy and spring ejects just like my other.

As a side note I found another gig of memory for it laying around I forgot about the minisd card I had in my last phone that of course when they came out with the new model now took microsd :angry: and it came with a regular sd adapter so in the camera it went, and works just fine, its kingston brand minisd and adapter. Thats good enough for my backup. Always been a peeve of mine how many different memory cards there are. Folks think its bad enough there are two different HD DVD standards, blueray and hddvd... what if there was a dozen! I am still waiting for the nanoSD card... it will come with tweezers and a magnifying glass to help you put it in. :G
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