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Well, you could try to find reel-to-reel tapes or floppies, but they are gone like the dinosaurs. That leaves you with three current choices for your digital images: optical storage, hard drive storage, and online storage. Solid state storage is not a choice at this time because of the extremely high prices.

I burn all original files to DVD-R and make two copies. Both go into safe storage, with one set kept off the premises. Never had one fail, but then I do not buy the off-brand el-cheapos. Even my name brand CDs remain good after 8 years and stored in a cool dark place.

I maintain my working backups on HD. In fact, Irecently ordered a 750GB external Seagate FreeAgentPro sata/usb/firewire as a secondary (and automatic)backup to my other externals. So photos are stored on CDs, DVDs, and at least two external large HDs at all times. Occasionally the HDs are refreshed by re-recording.
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