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Last night I finaly had a chance to use my 100 f2 at our local gym. I was not expecting it to be so diffucult capturing some quality shots but.

Slow autofocus made things very difficult. I was only able to take about 50 shots and only 1 was barely exceptable.

It seems that while I had good shutter speeds (1/500-f2-ISO 800) the camera would not lock onto the constantly moving subject therefore although I would be pushing down on the shutter button it would not take the shot until after the moment. Like a P&S camera.

This instantly became frustrating. I went from continuous Af to single shot AF to manual focus without much luck. Also using center weighted metering.

These kids move fast, there close to each other and arms and legs are going everywhere. So I can understand how focusing is very difficult especially with a narrow DOF.

Maybe ISO 1600 @ f2.8 would have worked better? Larger DOF, or it could work against me with more choices to focus on.

Anyone else use this combo with any luck?

I know the A700 andrumor has it that the new A200 focuses 1.7 times faster then the 5D. I don't think even that will be fast enough.

It seems like the best shots you see with indoor sports are mostly taken with Canons. Is there AF systems/lensesthat much faster then KM, Sony?



Minolta 100mm f2 @ f2--1/500--ISO 800--center weight metering--spot AF

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