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Hi, all. Hopefully someone can give me a bit of information/advice on this one.

First of all, at our church, we have a really REALLY old camcorder being used to record services for when someone wants to watch it from home or something, as well as feed a video signal back to the nurseries. Frankly, the quality is HORRIBLE!

So, I have volunteered to try and look for a decent quality to good quality camera that would be a good replacement.

Best case scenerio, I want something that is able to do the following:
  1. Record to flash memory for ease of use, editing, burning to dvd, etc, and not having to worry about getting new tapes. SDHC looks to be the memory of choice (my current opinion).[/*]
  2. Record hi-def video.[/*]
  3. Allow passthrough video to the output signal so that it can bee viewed live even while being recorded - the current old camera does this by default, and maybe it's somethign that is done by default with camcorders anyway, but I'm not sure.[/*]
  4. Take decent quality video to good quality video.[/*]
  5. Be able to be controlled via a remote controll.[/*]
  6. **An extra, but not necessary just yet** - Be able to be controlled from a network connected computer - in other words, be able to control it from a computer that is about probably 30 feet away. Wired would probably be best for protection of the signal (quality-wise).[/*]
  7. Mic/Audio line input if possible, but not necessary at this point.[/*]
  8. The video files would need to be editable/importable by at least some computer program, preferably a Windows compatible program.[/*]
  9. Battery life would not matter, b/c it will be plugged up, and mounted on a wall during service times.[/*]
From what I can tell so far, including seeing a few sample video clips taken with it, this camera would do just fine and dandy for what we are wanting for our church. We have a small church, and do not even currently have a dedicated video budget. Also, because of other things going on in the church (other, nonrelated projects), our funds are very limited as to what we can spend.

I think I should be able to get the amount to cover this camera approved, but I want to make sure that it will send the video signal on even while it is recording. I'm not even sure of the correct terminology, but here is what I want to happen:
  1. Before service starts, one of us uses the remote to start the camera up, and get it recording.[/*]
  2. During the service, the camera would record to the memory card, AND send the live video signal down already installed lines (installed lines are coax, so we would have to convert it from component or svideo to coax, I would imagine - I'm sure I can take care of that. Of course, I'm open to any suggestions with that as well.
  3. When the service is complete, we can remove the memory card from the camera, and transfer the video file(s) to the computer (or if could be networked somehow, then this could be done even more easily).[/*]
  4. I've looked at the 16GB SDHC cards at, and frankly, I can't believe how affordable they are already! I was expecting them to be $200 to $300, but they can be had for under $100. Simply wow![/*]
Just to make sure everyone who reads this understands: We do not need the super highest best quality of a camera for our current purposes. From what I could see in the video samples online, I think this one will well fit the bill for our purposes. I want something that can record in Hi-Def like this one does (it's not 1080p, but I think the 720p is more than sufficient for a church service, anyway). :-) Besides, we do not have the budget to look at any "professional" camera.

Eventually, we'll want to expand (maybe) to 3 cameras, and use a video mixer and all of that, but I would think that will be AT LEAST one to two years before we can dive into any of that.

Thanks in advance for ANY information/advice on this subject
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