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JimCand JohnG; Thank you for your replies. That's great information

With only 1 game experience with the 100 f2 I know it's going to be a while before the number of keeper shots is enough to make me happy. Actually I'm looking forward to the challange it's quite rewarding to download your shots and notice more keepers then the last time.

Gettingto understandyour equipments capabilities can be a long process but that was their first game of the season so I have quite a few games left to learn.


If you read through some of the posts from JohnG in our Sports and Action Forum on indoor sports, he'll often tell members that a Canon 50mm f/1.4 is only good for shots out to about 10 feet, and a Canon 85mm f/1.8 is only good for 15 to 20 feet, and that these lenses were not designed to focus accurately beyond those distances.

I think you'll find similar restraints on most Minolta primes.

Yes Jim, I have also read and looked at JohnGs post and John is probably the best on this forum atindoor action shots.

I am verysurprised at how close you need to be to get accurate focusing. I would have never guessed such close distances. My preferred place to shoot is the corner baseline and that is 35 feet from the center of the key. That may be a little too far away for 100mm. I might have to move towards the center of the court a little but thats going to be some real tight framing.

When choosing a lens for indoor sports it came down to4 lenses in Minolta/Sony mount the 50 f1.4/1.7, the 85 f1.4, the 100 f2 and 135 f1.8. All these lenses with the exception of the 50s are slow focusing from the reviews I'veread so I don't know if any one lens is better thenanother forindoor sports unless your real close with a 50mm. but that's all you've got to choose from if your in the KM/Sony mount.

It may have more to do with the bodies. For anyone who shoots indoor sportsthe A700 has to make you happy with the faster focusing.The A700 with the combo of any of the4 mentioned lenses shouldincrease the number of keepers. Now I just have to wait until I can afford one.

It seems that the 5D 100 f2 combo does lock onto the subject quickly, for example,if the kid is standing at the top of the key dribbling I'll get a quick focus on his face. Then when he drives towards the basket and jumps the camera or lens wont track fast enough. I'll push down on the shutter button butit won'ttake the photo. Thats where the frustration happens.

I will be trying different focus settings to see if I have better luck.



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