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Private Idaho wrote:
"Like other CMOS camcorders, the V1's chips use a rolling shutter, sampling scan lines sequentially instead of capturing the entire frame at once."
That just means most CMOS camcorders suffer from this. I have several CMOS cameras around here that do not have this issue. I have an older Creative and Logitech web-cams thatare definatetly CMOS and I also have some analog security cameras on my house that are CMOS. They don't have that problem.And as mentioned before, the Go-HD has a CCD sensor and still has that problem. Also, the newer Logitech high-end quickcams also employ CCD imagers, but have this problem. So this obviously has little to do with CMOS vs. CCD. I think it is simply "guilt by association." Sort of like the AMD CPU's used to always get called "Junk" years ago because they were cheaper. So naturally, then ended up in cheap motherboards with stability problems. But it wasn't the CPU, rather the board they were put in. Same situation here. Most low-end cameras use CMOS because they are inexpensive. But the whole camera is cheap.
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