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Well, with the CMOS cameras you have, you may not be able to detect it, but -- as has been noted dozens of times -- this problem shows up in cameras costing thousands of dollars.

But if you read the article I cited, you'll note that one's ability to detect the problem also hinges on the type of monitor one happens to be using.

"The 1x playback of such pans on CRTs look better than CCD camera pans do, because CRTs are also sequentially scanned, but all-at-once displays may make the V1's pix look distorted."

"(Of the two LCDs I use, the Panasonic BT-LH1700W scans like a CRT: the Z1 CCD pans look tilted and the V1 CMOS pans look normal."

"The HP L2335 buffers the image and displays it all at once: the Z1 pans look normal and the V1 pans show tilt.)"

"Fast-moving objects can look distorted in extracted stills, though I have yet to see anything objectionable in moving video."
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