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citre wrote:
what I DO WANT in a camera:

pictures that come out clear and sharp
i don't want to take and retake pictures several times to get a good one!
no more red eyes!
macro function is a must!!
7.0 MP or above!
i want the camera its to be cute/colorful!
i want something compact/pocketsize
i like neat little features like the s200 had.. face detection, portrait modes, etc! not a necessity.. but a want!
weatherproof would be nice.... but dont really need it!
oh yeah, i prefer SD cards!!

price range: up to $200 (250 at the highest, but i really want something under 150-180)

I really wanted a nikon as my digicam..


* price range: up to $200 (250 at the highest, but i really want something under 150-180)

1. Red-eye is a touch and go issue with compact P&S cameras - the flash is too close to the line between the camera lens and the back of the eyes of the subject. There will always be red-eyes at one time or another. I got away from this by going to a slightly larger P&S like the Canon S5 - so far no red eyes in all my shots!

2. Cute and colorful - hmmmm, tough one. Cute is very subjective and colorful - the camera itself or the pics?

3. Nikon - your preference. Good brand.

My suggestion; go to the camera review section of this forum and focus first on the Nikons. There are pictures of the cameras - you can see if they are cute and colorful enough for you.

The reviews will give you information on red-eye, macro, shutter lag times, flash times and the other elements important to you.

My two-cents worth.
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