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Originally Posted by Mr_Saginaw
and excuse my ignorance, please...

I see these threads about 300D lacking Flash Exp. Comp. and underexposed flash pictures and the +2/3 hack.

My silly question is are they talking about FEC with the built in flash or with an external flash? I just bought my 300D yesterday and I'm able to adjust my built in flash plus/minus 2. I'm just wondering if i'm not understanding something...

John, what you're able to adjust is not the flash exposure compensation, but the sensor exposure compensation. FEC is the ability to control the amount of flash output rather than letting the camera decide it for you. Not possible with the built in flash or external flashes (except the 550EX).

The +/- ev setting that you're talking about will under/over expose your image by the amount that you set in relation to the exposure settings that the camera meter chooses. For instance, suppose you are shooting a scene that has snow in it. Since the meter will want to expose that snow to 18% gray tones, you would increase the exposure by 1 or 2 stops with the +/- ev button so that the snow came out white rather than neutral gray. The camera's meter is only so smart and sometimes the photographer needs to fool it.
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