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djqwik wrote:
I finally read the manual. I am not going on a cruise until November.. Guess I should have said that.. it will give me plenty of time to learn the camera. Someone on another forum said they set the camera at 1/60 for video panning. I thought shutter speed was only for STILL PHOTOS?

I recorded the high quality HD and also a test at standard HD. I didnt see the difference on my 42" 1080i (I know the camera is playingg 720p on my TV) between the 2 settings? should I have noticed anything?

I had the video noise reduction turned on when I shot both videos. is this feature better to have on or off? I also had the image stabalization OFF as I read it zooms in the camera when it is on...

excellent you read or are re-reading. it iseasier by the day as we practice right?

When you go on that cruise. keep in mind the ac plug should not be a problem, but bring an extention cord. I learned the hard way on myfist one. plug was on the tables wall my charger would not fit LOl

Prefrence on res. pocket wallet and extra battery if needed for vacation and future use, keep to a higher res for a priceless moment. lesser res will be a missed momen if asked.

video panning has no setting pann

can you find that link?

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