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Originally Posted by Mr_Saginaw

when someone says that their indoor shots are underexposed why couldn't they just use the ev +/- button? Why all the talk about FEC and the +2/3 hack? Am i missing something?
You could use the EV +/- for indoor shots as long as the flash is not used! The EV compensation does not work for flash which have a separate setting (ie FEC) which is accessible on the 10D itself... but only through a hack on the Digital Rebel. :evil:

The best way to circumvent this deficiency is to use FEL (Flash Exposure Lock) which is available on the 300D and works the same way as a normal exposure lock, but when the flash is enabled. This is also more predictable since only the central area is metered instead of the EV being coupled to the AF points which could vary over all the place depending on where the AF point selected is located in relation to the background!

To underexposed aim @ a brighter area and do an FEL, and to overexposed aim @ a darker area and again do another FEL using the central area... Trust me the 10D tend to overexpose too with the 550EX if one does not use FEL! This is a known shortcoming of the Canon flash system which judge the scene brightness based on the focus points instead of integrating the distance info as reported by the lenses as on the Nikon or Minolta system. :P
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