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PhotoDad wrote:

My focus point on #1 was centered on her chest as I took the photo
Chris - ok that's where the problems come in. First, as I look at the leo, there isn't any contrast in the chest area so accurate focus will be difficult. Combine that with the chest and the face being potentially a few inches different and you have a softer photo. The shallower your DOF the more you have to focus on their FACE because you may only have 2 inches to spare. But if you can't do that you have to pick an area of contrast to use as your focus point.

And yes I absolutely love the fact I don't have to use center point only anymore. I'm greedy so I'd love a different point placement than I have now - there are two points to choose from above the center - one is too high and the other a bit too low for perfect framing. But I'll take it any day. Still, for gymnastics it's tough even with the mkIII.
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