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I currently own a Panasonic FZ8 that I love. I use it for everything. The biggest thing that I use my camera for is taking fast moving pictures at horse shows. It is usually bright light, bright colours, and my pictures come out really well. I love my 12X zoom, but there are times that I would love to have more. The store(Henry's) that I bought my camera from has a "half back" deal that if you return your camera within 1 year of your purchase that they will give you half your money back to put towards a new camera. If I do this, I can get an FZ18 for about $250 Canadian(About half price). I just thought I would ask here to see what people thought I should do. I'm not unhappy with my camera right now, I just like the looks of the FZ18, and I also only have about a month left that I can take advantage of this promotion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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