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Strange how the weather works in different parts of the country.

When I was in San Francisco the police closed all side roads because of frost during the evening because the California drivers couldn't seem to slow down due to road conditions.

On the other side, here in WI we had a snow day (my wife teaches High School) so we decided to go out for lunch to a place about ten miles away. Got into the Xterra with extremely aggressive snow tires and set off down the main highway. We were pushing snow with the front bumper some of the way, but the Xterra didn't complain so we pushed on. About a mile from our destination (we could see it) a police officer on a snowmobile stopped us and told us they were closing the road and we would have to either stay at the restaurant for an undetermined amount of time or go back.

We turned around and drove back almost ten miles and ate at home. At least we had fun!

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