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And there in sums up everything - you're convinced I hold the wrong end of the stick.
Still got the wrong end of it, still clinging on grimly and refusing to let go. I will make one final attempt.

I was not saying that it is always better to use RAW. The point of the story was not (except incidentally) that I ran out of space. The point of the story was that I was shooting JPG (pretend I never said why) and I would have been better off shooting RAW because I got a worse image.

Holding the wrong end of the stick refers not to the fact that one should never shoot JPG, but rather that you completely misunderstood the point of the story and reached a whole bunch of weird conclusions about what I was trying to say.

I have used JPG occasionally - shooting an airshow, some wildlife, etc. Essentially because I was more worried about running out of buffer (and missing a shot) than the extra bit of quality that I would look for in a landscape or portrait.

Anyway I think you probably did understand all that and are now having fun winding me up. :|

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