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no_nonsense4857 wrote:
I just want the K10D and the kit lens.

I live in India.

I'm saying this because, i need one website where my friend would do a purchase and give a shipping address of a third party (who would be coming to India).

I usually get computer stuff from

Please advice me on the fairly good websites where i could purchase this for a good price.

The adorama site is loading as i type.. as adviced by ishinoeven before ineeded to ask

Are there any accessories you would advice, which do not come as a part of the kit? Example, a lens filter, a battery grip and a extra battery?

Your inputs would be very helpful.

If you want to get a K10D and the kit lens, you can go to to get the body for $609 (before rebate) as Tom (Ennacac) mentioned above; then get the kit lens DA 18-55 at Adorama for $85. That way will save you $100 compares to buying body + kit lens altogether.

Besides, I would get the DA 50-200 to get longer reach (you'll find need it once had the camera), or if you don't mindbuying used lens, then the FA 80-320 is an inexpensive but excelent zoom lens. I attached a picture that was taken with that lens at 320mm, the picture is heavily cropped. Looke at it and judge the lens yourself.


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