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fishycomics wrote:
isn't this why they made the Hd700 fortohse who do not have the extra dough to cough up its half the power of the Hd1000 and far better then the older units
Well, when I started looking at the HD700 it was $550 and the HD1000 was $700 so it wasn't a drastic price difference. I didn't get the HD1000 simply for size then. I knew it had better resolution, a longer, faster lens, 60i and 30p, mic jack, and shoe. I went and played with one but the size didn't work for me. Even today, with hindsight, if I could do it all over again (and I can) I'd stick with the HD700. My needs and style are different than others and some would much prefer the HD1000 -- especially the low light shooters, they wouldn't be happy, but happier.
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